Protected by Livinguard® Technology

ClarionMask is the only Italian mask made with Livinguard® technology. The special formula developed in their laboratories in Switzerland gives textiles the ability to inactivate viruses and bacteria for 210 days.

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Technology and production process

ClarionMask with its 5 protective layers combines safety and comfort.

Livinguard® technology has been tested by authoritative laboratories and research centers, such as:

  • Swiss Federal Institute of NBC protection
  • TÜV Sud
  • TÜV Rheinland
  • Hohenstein Institute
  • NSF International
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Research & Technology
  • Swiss Quality Testing Services
  • Product Safety Laboratories in New York
  • Department of Environmental Science at University of Arizona
  • International Down & Feather Laboratory and many others.
It does not retain smells
Adjustable elastic bands

Resistant and easily adjustable tubular elastics.

Elastic edging

Clarionmask is equipped with a lower anatomical elastic border that allows a correct adherence to the face and deep comfort.

Outer layer

3 levels of protection: high quality 100% cotton outer fabric: antibacterial, antiviral and water repellent.


The presence of a special nose clip allows Clarionmask to adhere perfectly to all faces/profiles.

Continuous filtration

3 intermediate filter layers: The intermediate filters in propylopylene put between the treated fabrics are protected from biological contamination and guarantee high responsibility.

Inner layer

Comfortable protection: The internal fabric layer of 100% tobacco-colored cotton is meant to avoid unsightly stains, thanks to its softness and elasticity, and offers a comfortable fit for the mouth and nose.

ClarionMask is designed for extended daily use

It is comfortable

The special anatomical design of ClarionMask allows you to speak easily and makes the mask easier to wear and perfectly adaptable to any shapes of users’ faces, so that the air passes exclusively through it.

Reusable in total safety

You can wash it in cold running water, without the use of soap/detergent up to 30 times, maintaining its ability to inactivate viruses and bacteria. Respecting these instructions, the mask remains effective for 210 days.

Press Review

On Livinguard® Technology

“Technically this technology applies a positive charge at the molecular level on the surfaces of the tissues. When microbes come into contact with these positive charges, the microbiological cells, which have a negative charge, are removed, hence leading to the permanent distribution of the microorganisms.”

Ansa2020 October 03

“Researchers from Freie Universitat in Berlin and ITA RWTH Achen, two of the most important academic institutions specializing in virology and the textile industry, have confirmed the effectiveness of the new self-disinfecting technology, able to definitively destroy the coronavirus.”

Agi2020 July 01

“Innovative textiles for face masks can directly inactivate SARS-CoV-2 as researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and RWTH Aachen University showed”

MyScience2020 June 10

“Livinguard's constant sanitizing technology can be applied to any fabric and many other numerous surfaces, allowing it to be used in many different sectors: from medical-health to personal hygiene.”

Tecnomedicina2020 June 24

“Unlike metal-based alternatives such as silver, zinc or copper which can be harmful to the environment and might have negative effects on health, when applied to masks, Livinguard technology has been found to be safe for both skin and lungs.”

01Health.it2020 June 29

“Imaginen una mascarilla que no sólo proteja contra el coronavirus, sino que sea capaz de acabar con él. Es lo que ha conseguido desarrollar la empresa suiza Livinguard.”

Diario AS2020 June 26

“This protection is sustained through multiple uses and washes. Livinguard permanent hygiene technology is currently being used on face masks and can be applied to any textile, enabling the highest level of hygiene and protection.”

Benzinga2020 May 08

“Dr. Gerba, Professor of Microbiology, Virology, and Immunology, known as "Dr. Germ" for his abundant testing of germs on nearly every surface humankind might touch, said: "Livinguard textile technology holds promise in the fight against COVID 19.”

International Business Insider2020 May 08

“Livinguard is an innovative and environmentally friendly hygiene technology platform based in Zug, Switzerland. As the first company in the world to empower textiles and other materials with self-disinfecting properties, it licenses its patented technologies to companies from various industries to improve the health and well-being of consumers.”

AMA Alliance2020 May 08

“The Livinguard mask is a multi-barrier mask composed of three separate filtration layers. When used in combination, the Livinguard multi-barrier mask provides protection of over 99.99%.”

PR Newswire2020 May 08

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