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Certified Plastic Neutral




disposable mask

A key contribution to sustainable development.

Disposable masks have a devastating environmental impact, both in the production and disposal processes.

Personal protective equipment, such as masks,  if not properly disposed of, can generate enormous environmental and health issues.

In order to decrease the production costs of the «textile non-textile», since the final product must be disposable, petroleum and its derivatives are used, as well as other plastics of the same features.

Many studies carried out by different researchers, estimated that in Italy more than 40 million masks per day will be needed, and, once used, would produce over 300 tons of biologically contaminated waste, per day.

The chain of disposal, collection, transport, recycling and / or conversion could generate a very high and difficult risk to tackle.

It should not be underestimated that almost all masks are imported from China: long transports (by snow and / or by plane) do produce as well a considerable amount of CO2.

What will all of this cost in terms of environmental pollution?

How many masks will be abandoned in the streets, within gardens and parks? How many masks will we see floating in our waters or beached on our banks of rivers, lakes and seas, as it is already happening with plastic bags?

Conventional masks will be a further sure damage to the environment.